Upholstery Cleaning

New Year Upholstery Cleaning Special Offers

3 piece sofa £60 NOW £45

2 piece sofa £40 NOW £35

Arm chair £25 NOW £20

Scotchgard fabric protection £20 (optional)

Please note we have a minimum order of £40


Fabric Cleaning

I have undertaking various upholstery cleaning courses which has shown  me all aspects of professional upholstery cleaning, fabric identification, fibre testing, spot removal, protection techniques and application methods.

uphostery cleaning in BournemouthWhen providing upholstery cleaning I take care to identify the fabric’s fibres so that I can choose the best solutions and methods to suit your upholstery. When cleaning upholstery we use various fabric restorers and shampoo product, all of which contain anti-resoling chemicals designed for delicate fabrics, rugs and fibres

You may also be interested in protecting your furniture after its been deep cleaned, we can apply a fabric seal protector if requested, this works by spraying over the clean fabric causing a durable stain resistant coating,  which will also make it easier to clean if any spillages accrue, please ask for more details


Leather Cleaning and Protection

The leather cleaning products we use will Clean, Protect & re-instates the smell back into old and new leather items, we start with a simply examination of your leather piece. This helps us identify the type of leather covering your furniture, find any specific stains or problem areas, and determine the most appropriate cleaning method.



Deodorizing & Odour Removal

We often get asked about deodorising upholstery for customers who have pets, when Pets lie on fabric they can transfer oils from their skin and coats onto the upholstery. After a while this can result in bad odours. We use a product called “odour fresh” which is produced by Prochem, this is simply added to our machine given the fabric a pleasant floral fragrance afterword’s.




Mattress Deep Cleaning

Did you know that an average mattress contains over 10 million dust mites, and several pounds worth of dead skin flakes and hair? This can be dangers for people who suffer from asthma, respiratory problems, and could even cause sleeping problems.mattress clean in Bournemouth

Our deep cleaning mattress service can help reduce and eliminate dust mites, dust mite droppings and any dead skin. We use a high-powered vacuum to loosen the dust mites, skin flakes, dust, and hair, and then we use a hot steam extraction and rinse method using a cleaning product from prochem called fibre and fabric rinse. Once clean, the mattress can be sanitised using a spray, this is then extracted with our high powered vacuum leaving your mattress dry and ready to used.


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